What’s Important?

On Sunday, my Pastor made a statement that has stayed with me. He said, “Don’t lose what you have to gain what you can’t keep.” Without getting into IT, my thoughts have been lingering on situations and circumstances that have no chance of sustainability. In fact, I can predict that going down the road would leave me emotionally and mentally damaged and wounded. But, oh do I like flirting with danger and living on the edge. That’s a totally different blog. LOL.

I had a conversation with my friend Meechie on Saturday. She is a woman who used to attend my church, and I have found it easy to confide and talk to her. My conversation with Meechie was along the lines of would God give you something (like a mate) that would take you two steps backward.

At work, there was a seminar that I missed but I got notes from a coworker and it was about finding your purpose and passion. I chuckled because as I was looking at the notes, they reminded me of the reading we were doing on the Purpose Driven Life in my church’s women’s group.

All signs are pointing to the same direction. Don’t get distracted or derailed by things that are not healthy. Work towards your purpose and passion by getting rid of the extraneous.

The future looks extremely promising. It’s just a matter of not getting tripped over the small stuff.


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