Is Any One Listening?

At work today, I was doing data entry. For background noise, I was playing music videos via You Tube to pass the time. I played three oldie but goodie Guns N’ Roses songs back-to-back: Don’t Cry, Estranged, and November Rain.

To back up, there have been times when I have reflected on my youth and realized how much I did not understand. For example:

· I didn’t understand what Bon Jovi’s Slippery When Wet REALLY meant
· I didn’t know what oral sex was until late high school
· I didn’t understand the meaning of the songs I sang in elementary music class
o Blowing In the Wind
o The Sound of Silence
o I Wish We’d All Been Ready

As I caught glimpses of the videos above mentioned my interpretation of what I saw from an adult view point made me think who was monitoring what I was watching.

Axl Rose is certainly a very passionate and strong voice BUT the theme of suicide, death, rage, violence, mental instability, etc. really stood out in a way I never noticed before.

I feel this way when I listen to lyrics of the songs I grew up with. For example, LISTEN to the lyrics of In a Darkened Room by Skid Row. What do the lyrics of Quicksand Jesus mean? I could go on and on.

Writing is a beautiful way to release emotions and demons. It seems like people are crying out, and I have to ask is anyone listening. I am a bleeding-heart liberal in that I want to know the cause of an action. What makes someone walk in a building and begin shooting? I want to know what happened because they are obviously damaged.

I just wonder what I am not listening to.


One thought on “Is Any One Listening?

  1. If you want to really know the lyrics, type a song title, followed by “lyrics”, and artist into a search engine and you will most likely be directed to some site that lists the lyrics. Reading the lyrics without listening to the music will often turn me off to a particular song that I might of liked because of the catchy tune. Also, the lack of song-writting ability becomes very apparent when the lyrics have to stand on their own!


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