I sometimes keep my glasses tucked into my shirt. One time, I leaned over, and they fell into the toilet. This led to a thorough cleaning, of course. When I put them, I realized how dirty they had been. I could see perfectly fine, but once I cleaned them, I realized how dirty they actually were.

It reminded me of the lyrics of Home Sweet Home by Motley Crue, which says, “Just when things went right, it doesn’t mean they were always wrong.”

I say all of that to say this, sometimes there is absolutely nothing wrong with where we are at right now. Sometimes God just wants something better for us. Or maybe God just wants to give us a different perspective on where we are or what we are looking at/dealing with.

We have all been damaged and scarred in some manner and this impacts our lens and view of life. I would like to think God is leading me on a path where my lens gets cleaner, which cause things to being clearer and hopefully more pure.

Oh, how I could long for an age of innocence right now, but I am afraid those days have indeed passed. Sigh.


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