The Solstice

The winter solstice, aka the shortest day of the year, was yesterday. It was the day of the year with the least amount of sunlight.

The darkest day of the year did not seem as dark as it normally does. The days leading up to it were not as dark as they normally seem. I’ve shared this thought on Facebook. I’ve shared this thought with people around me. Maybe it doesn’t appear as dark because it has not been raining? The rain and clouds do tend to bring things down a notch.

I’m not sure what is going on. This is the point where I can go down the avenue that a light shining in me has made things lighter all around me. I will spare you that, but it does deserve an honorable mention.

My prediction for 2009 was that it was going to be a good year. I predicted that it was going to be hard, but it would be good. I was right. It was a hard, trying year but the hardships and tests have made me stronger. I was not able to avoid situations I would shy from and the experiences increased my confidence. Good, bad, and ugly, I am learning what makes me tick.

The two highlights:
1. Number one is definitely my summer vacation in Wales, Scotland, and Ireland (Northern and Republic of).
2. Birth of my niece/cousin Sade. Her presence brought the family back together. Okay, okay, that should be number one. LOL.

My prediction for 2010 is that it’s going to be an excellent year. Not saying everything is going to be perfect, but if I have learned anything in life it is this, all things work for my good.

I expect good things to happen as long as I put forth the efforts and pursue and conquer all.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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