Letting Go

There are some things that I have held onto so tightly. Things that were so important and meant so much and the thought of a separation was unimaginable. It’s curious to me when these things that have been held so sacred one day no longer cease to matter. There is something sad in this to me.

In some ways, it makes my fascination or attachment with these things seem trivial. It’s like if I hold on tightly and don’t let go then the madness of the action, attraction, obtainment of said thing isn’t as questionable.

I noticed as I was cleaning out my place that I got rid of some items that at one point in time were so important to me and now my taste or interest or desire has lead me in another direction.

In holding so tightly (in a fist) to things that I think I want I am preventing God from placing things in my hand that I actually need.


One thought on “Letting Go

  1. I had a friend that told me something that has really made me think…

    She called it the “Basket Theory”.

    Imagine God gives us a basket for our blessings. We walk through life and fill our baskets with the things we want for ourselves. Sometimes the things we think will make us happy take up space in our basket that the Lord would like to fill with other things. Shouldn't we let the Lord fill our baskets with the things He knows are best for us?

    Do we ever tell him we don't want his blessings for us; we would rather keep our own? Especially when they come packaged as trials…

    And sometimes we have to take things out in order for Him to bless us with the things He knows are best for us.

    I have truly seen this in my life.


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