Yesterday morning, I left Brugge behind and took the train to Amsterdam. The question of Brussels was settled for me as the train went through Antwerp again! So Brussels next trip!

I got to my hotel and settled in. I went for a walk to figure out where I was in location to the places I planned on visiting today. Had to scout out the area! I am staying in the Jordaan district, which is so picture perfect. I love Amsterdam. It’s right up there with Dublin. If it wasn’t for my plan to meet some nice Irish boy, import him into the U.S., send him to A.A., and marry him, I might just like Amsterdam better. LOL.

Got up this morning and hit the pavement. My hotel is close enough to walk to the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh so I took off that way. I overshot the museum to go to the De Pijp District. It was cool. There are a few streets that are basically an open air market. Lot’s of people and tables of things ranging from clothes to meat to seafood to nuts to cheese.

Then off to the Rijksmuseum which covered everyone from Rembrandt, Hals, Vermeer, and Steen. There is a square called Museumplein that I walked through before going to the Van Gogh. There were some Monets and Manets and artists who inspired him as well as his works.

I had three or four more museums I intended to see, but now not so sure. Will def see Anne Frank House. It’s actually very near where I am saying. Like three or four minutes away. The others may have to wait until the next time.

I also walked through Vondelpark, which is Amsterdam’s central park. I basically spent around an hour just taking it all in. It’s beautiful. The leaves are fall colors and quite picture perfect.

My final stop today was Leidseplein which has cafes and restaurants. I can imagine it brimming over on a summer day.

I had intended to visit Haarlam Friday. I still have a day of site seeing tomorrow. I may just sleep in on Friday and spend my last day walking around exploring the different canals. The pictures may or may not all look like they are the same street but they are different.

It’s very peaceful here. The fall weather isn’t so bad. Still some rain, but I think I’m getting used to it!


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