Post from work blog

My job has a blog for employees. I have posted twice.

I posted this today in response to a question from a coworker regarding my November 22, 2010, commute! For those who don’t live in Seattle, it snowed that day. Seattle is not equipped to handle snow on roads. Too many hills and too many people who aren’t used to driving in the snow.

It was titled, “Turns out it wasn’t so bad!”

I SHOULD have left work early, but alas, I left at my regular time (4:30) with my Port laptop. The new snow made walking the fifteen to twenty minutes to my bus stop easier. A 20-minute bus ride, turned into an hour and fifteen minutes. The bus was fine, but traffic was backed up from the abandoned cars along the way. I went back and forth between pity for the drivers who had to abandon their cars to rage at them from leaving their cars in the middle of busy streets. Once I made it to my destination bus stop, I made a quick detour to Safeway and prepared to hunker down. The entire time, I was whispering, Thank You! I was happy and grateful to have made it home safe. The new snow also made walking down two hills easier. I thought my commute was LONG, until I watched the ten o’clock news and learned that some people were still stuck on I-5. I also began reading Facebook comments from friends whose commutes ranged from 3 hours to 5 hours, and I realized how lucky I was! I ended up working from home on Tuesday and Wednesday, and I have to say I loved it.


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