All in a Day´s Journey

Saturday night I was up because my mind was buzzing with anticipation.

I got up with the intent of catching the 10:07 number 11. That turned into the 10:19 number 8, which ended up actually being the 10:37 number 11. Which is exactly how it should have been. I met some really kind people along my journey from my house to the airport.

I met a couple whose interaction was so inspirational, and I had to tell them how much I loved their interaction. He said he met her when he was 48, and they have been together for 24 years. He said he had many bad relationships before he met her. It gave me hope. I have had this romantic notion of wanting to spend most of my life with one person, but quality over quantity any day.

The flight down was okay. I think I slept. It´s hard to remember what actually happened. It was a score that the middle seat was empty both legs of the trip. I always enjoy airports like London Heathrow because you truly get a diverse group of travelers. Cultures are so diverse from the way we dress, talk, etc. I am convinced we can put together a random list of features and find a person who looks just like that somewhere in this big world.

I got into Venice around 12:10 and had to wait forever for my luggage. I got a 1:15 bus to Opatija. Checked in, got organized, and went for a short walk with this couple I met named Kathy and Norm. OMG. This place is so beautiful. There is nothing to see in terms of touristy stuff, but the town in itself is beautiful. Got to love being near the water.

I will be on a Gate 1 tour for Croatia and Slovenia then on my own in Venice. I have gotten so lazy with trip planning. One of these days I will get back on the wagon and plan. It is nice having someone else do all the leg work and not have to worry about transportation, but half the fun is the planning and anticipation! Oh and three of my tour mates are from Seattle. Small world! I am so used to a very fluid border once I hit Europe. It was out of the ordinary to have to show our passports as we entered Croatia. It seems like most of the borders just wave you through nowadays even if they are not an E.U. member.

It´s currently 8:45 p.m., and I need to convince my tired body to go to bed!

As always, my disclaimer is I will edit when I get home. Some of the keys are in the wrong place!


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