More Cape Town

When I woke up this morning, it was raining. Hard. My first thought was that if it’s like this all day, I am not going anywhere. But by the time I got ready to leave, it had settled down. It spit a little here and there, but it was another nice day. Kind of on the hot side for me, but tolerable. It will be hotter in Botswana.

So I started today on the waterfront. I bought my ticket to go to Cape Point and the Cape of Good Hope. Going to the Cape of Good Hope was one of the top things I wanted to do while I was here.

I then intended to go to some of the local beaches, but I ended up going to Neighborgoods Market at Old Biscuit Mill. It wasn’t on my radar, but it was something that Gideon highly recommended. I am so very glad I went. The Saturday market was buzzing. There were foods that smelled so delicious and there were conversations going on everywhere. I sat and took it in while sipping on a smoothie. Then I walked around to take pictures. Then I ate. Then I walked around again. I also sat outside for a minute to listen to some music and journal. As far as local markets go, this one was among the best. They had everything from BBQ, burgers, sushi, Korean, crepes, hot dogs, etc. Also sweets and drinks. It was cool and worth the journey.

I then found a taxi to take back to the waterfront. To back track, I asked this (local) guy at the tourist info place how much a taxi should cost to the market. He said no more than 70/75 Rand. He also called me a metered taxi. So the taxi ended up being 62 Rand plus a tip. I say this because when I asked the next driver how much it would cost for me to return, he said 150 Rand. I was like no. It’s not that much. He said okay 100 Rand. This is the point where he almost got cussed out. A few choice words were on the tip of my tongue, and they are now on the tip of my fingers as I type this. I keep my rage at bay. I rarely get angry. I try to live my life by two scriptures:

“Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.” NLT

“Turn from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it.” NIV

The first is because we are all humans. The people I love will hurt me, and I will hurt them. Not intentionally, but we may say or do something that causes scars. The second scripture is because I consider myself to be laidback. I try to let most things just roll off of my back. So it takes a lot to make me angry. When it happens, it comes quickly. So when this dude told me 150 and then 100, I almost lost it. I paused to get myself under control and told him how much I paid to get there and he was trying to charge me too much and started to walk away. He started laughing and was like okay, okay. And agreed to the amount. But I was so indignant. How dare he? Again, I hate being hustled. Why try to cheat me? Then you laugh when you get caught. I get that I am a tourist, and there is the assumption of wealth. Am I poor? No, but even if I was a millionaire, I think it is morally bankrupt for him to try to charge me over double the price that it should have been. And he did not get a tip.

I returned to the waterfront to get my ticket to Robben Island.

Then I walked back into the center. I have passed by the Green Market everyday it feels like, but I had never actually looked at the stalls, so I did. And the vendors were like, “sister, sister, we will give you a good price.” They got the side eye too because I was thinking yeah like the dude in the cab. Again. I get it. But I hate bartering, so I just looked. I mean give me a decent price. If you start high, I will automatically low ball you back because I feel insulted. It kind of reminded me of Jamaica.

Then because I needed to center myself, I walked in the Community Garden. I actually walked through it Wednesday, but I rushed through it. I didn’t look, take pictures, or pause to journal. I did all three of those today.

On the way home, I stopped by to see Jasmin. Actually, I did yesterday too. Jasmin and her husband, Muhammed, picked me up from the airport. So I have stopped by there every day but once since I got here. I like her a lot. She gives me advice on how to conduct/handle myself here. She’s very sweet.

There is something to be said about having a vacation with only a few destinations. The last few have been go, go, go. It’s actually nice being here for so long. I can take my time and just do a little here and there. And actually get home and have time to relax, blog, and read. I continue to go to bed late, but I also sleep in.



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