One of the good things about work travel is spending time with colleagues who have become friends. We have quite the family. It’s always a joy to find some time between lunches, dinners, sessions, receptions, networking, etc. to spend quality time with these amazing people.


With Louanne and Alix at the GCT booth. I need to plan a trip to Shanghai to visit Alix.


With my buddy Randy (one of my favorite people – ever) at the Queen Mary. I liked his spirit immediately.


With Dr. Walter Kemmsies. I was literally in a conversation with a coworker when I saw Walter and dashed off to talk to him. I am not a sport or music groupie. But I would chase after him and another economist, Dr. Nariman Behravesh. Both absolutely brilliant!


With Kathleen and Jim. After all this time, I learned that Jim is a fellow writer and quite talented.


With my buddy Randy.


Taking an afternoon break and stroll with Louanne.

And  of course catching up with friends who live in the area.

With Mary (left) and Samarah (right). I need to plan a trip to Southern Cal just to visit these two ladies who I miss. They are a short two hour flight away.

And of course the pure beauty of the beach and being on the water. I don’t like heat, but I am tired of being cold this winter. It was a joy to feel the sun.

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