PCC Scroll: Word of the Quarter

Here is an article I wrote for the latest issue of my church newsletter. Crazy that we are in the 16th year!

Word of the Quarter, PCC Scroll, Volume XVI Issue II

Get in the Fight

In this issue of the Scroll, we are continuing the overarching theme of “How Do We Arm Ourselves without Giving into and Operating Out of Fear.” The overarching theme began in the fall issue with the theme of “Changing Our Viewpoint.” In the winter issue, we continued with the theme of “Where is the Real Battle?” In this spring issue, the theme is “Get in the Fight.”


When the editing team met to write the “Word of Quarter,” we talked about how there were different ways to get in the fight. Getting in the battle didn’t always mean engaging in hand-to-hand combat on the frontline.


Look at the military. Before engaging, they understand the territory they are entering. They understand the language, culture, and customs. During war (and peace), there are different roles that people perform. There are those on the frontline. There are those who are strategist. There are those who work from home. All have roles. Some are soldiers. Some are generals. Some are in medical units. Some are suppliers. Some are far from the warzone, working at home in industry.


The Bible tells us that we are in a spiritual battle. What is the church’s response or role? A call to action or battle may be intimidating to some. But the call to battle looks different for everyone. Your call to battle could be an internal ministry of the church or an external ministry. Your call to battle could be facilitating a conversation at your church. Your call to battle could be encouraging others. Your call to battle could be equipping others through teaching or preaching. You can’t, however, sit on the sideline and complain. You are called to act. We all have a part to play.


There are things that prevent us from getting in the fight. It could be fear/intimidation, lack of education, or not knowing what language/lingo to use. It could also be a fear of change because we are uncomfortable with change. It could be that we are so focused on internal comfort that we ignore external circumstances. Being a bystander is not our call.


In our spiritual battle, it is important to hear from God. In the Bible, there are times when God’s people were told to be still and know He was God. Though it is important to know that one can be proactively still. Then there are times when God’s people were told to pursue and recover all.


There are certain areas that God is clear that we need to focus on. There are countless scriptures that deal with caring for the widows and the orphans. We are to fight for the people and fight against injustice. We are to advocate for people. This means we need to build relationships and hear people. We are not to damage people and create refugees in our wake.


We encourage you to know your position and get in the fight.



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