Mandurah/Cottesloe Beach

When I got up this morning, I wasn’t sure how I was going to spend the day.


After doing a quick search on things to do around Perth, I decided to catch the train to Mandurah. The town is about 45–50 minutes from Perth by train. I ended up getting an all-day pass for $12.60. The one-way to Mandurah is $10.20, so financially it made sense. The all-day pass also allowed me to ride the buses in Mandurah.


While I am glad I went, I was a little underwhelmed by Mandurah. Possibly because I kept comparing it to Fremantle. At the train station, I knew I was looking for either the 588 or the 589 to take me to the center. I took the 589 to the foreshore. I started off at the various quays and walked to the town beach. It was okay. There was one surfer. I did a little of their “coastal walk.” I then headed into town and walked around. There is a church called, Christs Church that I wanted to visit. The church was closed, but I saw a woman priest and she let me in.


It was at that moment that I realized why I was in Mandurah. I guess I will call it a divine appointment, but I found myself opening up about some of the thoughts I was having about life. We talked for around ten minutes, but I was very encouraged after our conversation.


I made my way back to Perth. Since I had the all-day pass, I decided to transfer to the Fremantle line to go to Cottesloe Beach, and it was worth the trip. From the train station, I walked to the beach. I read it was about a 15-minute walk, but I think it was more like ten. During the summer months, they have a free CAT bus that goes between the train station and the beach. The beach was very nice and since the weather was gorgeous, there were people in the water, sunbathing or just hanging around. There was also a lone surfer.


I then made my way back to Gaby’s who was in school today.


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