PCC Scroll – Your Money Matters

We completed the summer issue of the PCC Scroll.

Here is the Your Money Matters section.

Every one of us are blessed, and we are rich in knowledge, skills, gifts and talents. With so much need in the world, it is important that we give back in as many ways as we can. We could give of time, knowledge, skills, gifts, talents, money and other resources. The main thing is knowing what you are passionate about and seeking out opportunities in those areas.


If you feel a passion toward the elderly, there are many things you could do. They can be done at a senior center, hospital or a person’s home. Perhaps the simplest and biggest way to give is simply the gift of time and fellowship. That could be done over a meal, tea/coffee, a walk or talking. If the person(s) in question has a yard, there are things you could do for them in all seasons. For example, mowing the lawn in the summer, raking in the fall, shoveling snow in the winter and pruning/weeding in the spring.


Is cooking your passion? If so, you could fix and serve meals. This could be done for the elderly, and it could be done for friends, family or church members who have had surgery, are bereaved or are shut in. If cooking isn’t in your gifting, bringing a meal from a restaurant or deli is just as helpful.


If you feel a passion toward the homeless, you could volunteer at a shelter or a soup kitchen. During the winter, you could host drives for coats, scarves/gloves and blankets. You could hand out toiletry kits. Having a list of social services and shelters on hand could also be helpful.


If youth are a passion, there are different ways you could give back. Were you an athlete in school? Perhaps you could volunteer as a coach for a team. You could also volunteer at your local school or community center as a tutor for students. In addition, you could take part in or host a school supply drive. You could also become a mentor. For example, the Seattle Girls’ School looks for women mentors to partner with their students from November to June.


If you wish to make a monetary contribution to a charity or a family in need but money is tight, you could solicit goods and organize a yard or bake sale with proceeds going to that charity or family.


If you are an art and history lover, perhaps you could volunteer at a local museum as a docent. As an artist, you could volunteer to help with art classes at schools or senior centers.


The Bible talks a lot about supporting widows, orphans and those who are underrepresented and marginalized. Perhaps you could lend your voice and serve on a community group or board to advocate for resources.


Giving back could involve giving food or money to a local foodbank. There is a growing need across the country as wages are stagnant and food prices continue to rise. Many foodbanks need volunteers to box up donations. Don’t forget the ongoing food drive at our church.


If you are a writer, cook, lawyer, doctor, photographer, etc., many charities, nonprofits and advocacy groups could use your donated services.


The possibilities are endless, and we all have something to offer the community. If time is an issue, start small. Committing to do something weekly may not be feasible, so commit to doing something monthly or quarterly. If things aren’t working out, don’t be scared to make a change. Once things click with something, remain committed.


Giving back is good for you! Volunteering is shown to make people less stressed and shown to make people feel better – emotionally and physically. It’s also a great way to meet people with similar interests and passions.


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