Photos, a marathon, a trip to Victoria

I once again find myself horribly behind in blogging!

One of my goals for the summer is to take my camera out to practice taking photos. While it is a used camera I bought from a coworker, it is new to me. I’ve had it sometime. It was actually the camera I took with me to South Africa, but alas, I did not bring the correct lens so was unable to use it. I am enjoying using it.

I have been taking it with me and going on walks. I have been keeping a list of places I want to visit. So far I have been able to go to Kerry Park (I do want to go back in the evening), Volunteer Park, Pioneer Square, and just wandering about here and there on the waterfront, Capitol Hill, I.D. and Central District. You can find the pictures I took in the link below. I will do an Instagram post of some of my favorite murals from my wanderings soon. There have been so many popping up around the city.

Password: italia

In June, I did the Rock and Roll Seattle. It was my sixth half marathon. Next stop is the Seattle Marathon. I am still tracking to do two a year. I wouldn’t mind finding ones that are flatter though. I live in the wrong place to detest hills as much as I do. But it is part of my overall health journey: walking to witness.


In May, I went to Victoria for Memorial Day. My friend Alice has moved back to North America, so it was nice to see here. I was able to stay with her, and I plan on returning this summer for another visit. It was nice to have some downtime and catch up with a great friend.

I was able to drive up to the Vancouver area with Kim and Katherine to take the ferry over to Victoria. We left Friday late afternoon to catch the last ferry, but alas, we missed it. We expected the border to be crazy, but also kept running into traffic. We ended up staying the night in Vancouver. I need to go there soon because I forgot what an awesome city it is. It has such a great vibe.


You can photos in the same link as the Seattle photos.

I will try to get better at posting! I posted articles from the July issue of the Scroll.

Rattlesnake Ledge

Today I hiked up the Rattlesnake Mountain Trail with Kim and Katherine. It was very fun. Though I was horribly out of shape going up hill. We were “almost there” forever it seemed. The funniest part of the walk was when a woman yelled, “Bear.” I was like oh Lord. Bear ended up being her adorable little dog. Thank God. I am hoping to get more hikes in this spring/summer.


The Ladies.


What goes up, must come down. Down was a lot better.

Views from the top

Views from the journey


Just me

All photos:

Password: italia

Three 5Ks, Tea, and Flowers

Since February, I have walked three 5Ks.

mardi gras

Mardi Gras 5K in February. I did this walk with Erica, but I can’t locate the picture with the two of us.


St. Patrick’s Day in March with Katherine and Kim. I think it was my sixth Dash. I need to recount my shirts to tell.


Brunch Run with Kim and Katherine in April. This is the best 5K ever! Afterward, tons of yummy samples from local brunch spots. I will be doing it again!

Tea with the ladies in Marysville.

In my almost 25 years of living on the west side of the mountain, I had never been to see the tulips in Skagit Valley. A lot the flowers had yet to bloom. But it was still pretty, and I loved seeing the snow-topped mountains.


And other flowers!

And even more.


One of the good things about work travel is spending time with colleagues who have become friends. We have quite the family. It’s always a joy to find some time between lunches, dinners, sessions, receptions, networking, etc. to spend quality time with these amazing people.


With Louanne and Alix at the GCT booth. I need to plan a trip to Shanghai to visit Alix.


With my buddy Randy (one of my favorite people – ever) at the Queen Mary. I liked his spirit immediately.


With Dr. Walter Kemmsies. I was literally in a conversation with a coworker when I saw Walter and dashed off to talk to him. I am not a sport or music groupie. But I would chase after him and another economist, Dr. Nariman Behravesh. Both absolutely brilliant!


With Kathleen and Jim. After all this time, I learned that Jim is a fellow writer and quite talented.


With my buddy Randy.


Taking an afternoon break and stroll with Louanne.

And  of course catching up with friends who live in the area.

With Mary (left) and Samarah (right). I need to plan a trip to Southern Cal just to visit these two ladies who I miss. They are a short two hour flight away.

And of course the pure beauty of the beach and being on the water. I don’t like heat, but I am tired of being cold this winter. It was a joy to feel the sun.

Snow in Seattle!

Snow in Seattle is always a marvelous sight. Snow was expected Monday (I think it was this last Monday), but I did not see one drop in my area. It was kind of anti-climatic. I was giving up on snow yesterday, but then I looked out around 8:00, and it had been snowing for some time. I watched for a while. Then I went to bed very early, 9:00ish. So no surprise when I woke up around 12:00. I was looking out the window, and I kept thinking, “You should get up and take some pictures.” Around 12:30, I did just that. All the while thinking I really do need to stop my midnight getting up to take pictures (be it snow or in search of the moon). Anyway, I opened front door, and I heard what sounded like shoveling. Long story short, it was one of my neighbors who couldn’t sleep. We chatted for a while. Then some random dude who was coming home from work started talking to us. He was from Arizona and had never seen snow so was excited. I went on a short walk to take pictures. One of the neighbors ordered a pizza, so I watched that being delivered feeling bad for the delivery dude. I am not driving up or down Madison or Denny for nothing. Chatted with my neighbor some more, and then to bed around 1:30. Needless to say, I was pretty wired at that point so spent two hours or so asking myself why I got up in the first place. I knew it would get my mind going.

Anyway, I predict I will go to bed gang buster early tonight and hopefully sleep the night.

I was trying to remember the last time I was snowed in for a few days. I am not a big fan of of snow, but I am hoping it happens this year (Be careful what you wish for…because I would add at a timing that is good for my schedule of course).