Zagreb and the Journey There

Zagreb is a great city! I only have one night here, which is unfortunate because I think it would be fun to spend a few nights!

It is such a vibrant city and the pulse of the city is very strong and positive. The architecture is amazing. Very grand and stately. It reminds me of the the beautiful buildings in Vienna. I could go around snapping pictures of beautiful buildings all day.

We arrived in the evening, and I went out with Tammy, Sonia, Angela, and Rosanne. Rosanne and Angela are from Seattle and are mother and daughter. They are good people too. I think we are all kindred spirits. We walked to the city center and found a place to have drinks. The weather here is colder so a cup of hot chocolate hit the spot. We had a great time talking about life. It was such a great conversation and great to be in the company of intelligent women and have great conversations about this journey we call life. It is like we took the trip to have this wonderful meeting of the minds, and I also think very timely.

On the way to Zagreb, we stopped by this village. I think it was called Ethnoland, but basically the family-owned business explained how life used to be in the days gone by and then we had a traditional meal from that area. It was so good. It was basically meat and potatoes but the meat had such a great flavor and was tender.

So I was talking to Tammy about the Pink Floyd song I mentioned yesterday. Now I understand why the song grips me so much. It was written about/for a band member who committed suicide. So yes, this longing for someone, but in this case, someone who is not coming back.

We also drove back through Bosnia. So again, my feet have trodden there, so it will count. I was talking to another woman who has traveled quite a bit, I think she said this trip will make 54 counties. She has also been to the Arctic Circle and all seven continents. She is counting Bosnia in her count, because she has the same philosophy. Your feet have tread there. And the Bosnia coast is amazing. Now mind you it is not that long but it is pretty.

We passed by an area that grows Mandarin Oranges. We were told the day before they had a roadblock and were giving the oranges away. Because of all the Russian embargoes, the farmers have lost that market so they have excess. Having written a brief about the impact of the embargo to Seattle and Washington state (and there is only a small impact) it felt close to home. As Russia searches for new markets, traditional markets have to search for markets to sale to. But they are competing with other markets who also searching for new markets. For the consumer, it is good because supply is high.

I spoke with a tour member today who worked for the foreign services for around 20 years. The places he has lived sounds so amazing, and yes I found myself using that word a lot!

Another couple I met have been married for 58 years. He is a Presbyterian pastor.

Tonight is my last night in Croatia, followed by two quick nights in Slovenia to end with three nights in Venice. I am ready to just relax on the waterfront and do nothing but get my thoughts together in one of the most beautiful places I have been!

The Journey to Dubrovnik

The journey to Dubrovnik was very scenic. The coast is so very amazing, and yes I keep using that word. Amazing. Stunning. Beautiful. Unreal.

The thing I found most interesting was that there is a portion of the coast that is actually part of Bosnia so we had to cross the border into Bosnia and then what felt like a five-minute drive later, cross the border back into Croatia.We also made a stop, so technically I have been to Bosnia! LOL. Part of the rule is that your feet have to touch the ground and you have to leave the airport or train station to count.

Once we got to the hotel, Sonia and I met and took a bus to the New Harbor to go in search of a camera. We walked along the New Harbor for a second then took the bus to the Old City. OMG. I am in love! I cannot wait to explore more. I can see why Rick Steves likes this place so much. It kind of reminded me of Lucerne in that it does not appear to be real.

My big decision is whether to use Saturday as a free day or join the trip to Montenegro. When I feel I could see a lot tomorrow, I know I could see more in two days and not be so rushed. I could also just chill out. The other side is will I ever plan to take a trip to Montenegro outside of this? Big question mark. I need to decide tomorrow. We will see. I would not mind just walking down to the sea and just being for a few minutes.