I had 1.5 days to see Prague! I covered quite a bit. Rick Steves recommends two days minimum, and I was able to cram most of it in.

I had a chance to explore some of the New Town, Lessor Town, and back to the Old Town and Charles Bridge. The Old Town Square was cool. Touristy but nice. Actually in general the old town squares are some of my favorite places in each city. You can sit back and people watch. You can also imagine how life was once upon a time. I was able to see the short astronomical clock show. Could have missed it but I saw it.

Also went to the Jewish Quarter and  saw the oldest synagogue in Eastern Europe. It was built in 1270.

Went to St. Vitus Cathedral, which goes down in the top ten if not top five beautiful churches I have visited in my travels. This of course means I was also up in the Prague Castle. Very nice views.

We visited the Infant Jesus Church, which is where women who want to get pregnant go.

There is a 67% divorce rate so there is this strange gate were people put up locks. Not sure what that is all about.

We passed by the John Lennon Wall, and I added LTB around six times. So next time you are in Prague, look on the right side and you will see my vandalism.

Today was a busy day, but I feel like I have seen some really good highlights. The city has some great architecture and that within itself is art. The museums here are not rated that high so I don’t feel like I missed anything from that standpoint. I just had to move quickly to see a lot.

But I do plan on coming back!


We arrived in Prague and got settled.

We went to the Old Town. My hotel is near the Flora stop so we took the metro four stops to Old Town.

Walked around and I had dinner with Lisa and Brooks.

There was a lot of activity and I can’t wait to see the views from the day as my camera takes awful night shots. We walked across the Charles’s Bridge. I petted the dog on the St. John the Baptist statue, which means I will come back.

I can see why people love Prague. It’s nice and has some great architecture. We are supposed to vote for which city we liked the best, but I am hard pressed. I want to come back to each one for sure. Interestingly, I think I am favoring the smaller towns of Cesky Krumlov and Bratislava.

Tomorrow I have a full day of site seeing, and then Saturday it is home sweet home, ready or not.

I am kind of torn because on one hand there is not place like home. On the other hand the world awaits. It’s always a conundrum.

I think I mentioned I am off of fall/winter travel – unless I am going somewhere warm. Being cold is for the birds!

Cesky Krumlov

We left Vienna in the a.m. and spent a few hours in the Czech Republic town of Cesky Krumlov for a few hours.

It was a very nice spot. I could totally see myself spending a few nights there to just chill. I really liked the Old Square, and there was water all around the town. I met a local who was smoking along the river bank. We chatted for a few minutes. She was very nice and friendly. Curious about me I think.

I was wandering around the town and encountered some folks who I would consider transient had I seen them downtown Seattle. They were nice enough but their pit bull took a dislike to me. It would have been an international and PETA incident rolled up in one. But alas, the dog did not attack.

Anyway, I really liked the town. Thus far I like it better than Prague.