Venezia…Another Summer Day Has Come and Gone in Either Paris or Rome

Today is my last day in Venice. Tomorrow the long journey home begins. My flight leaves Venice at 10:00 a.m., and I will be home 9:00 p.m. Saturday.

It hit me this morning that it is Halloween. It is my third Halloween in Europe. I was in Munich last year, and I was in Vienna the year before that. This is the first time I saw kids trick or treating. As I was walking to the train station, they were everywhere. And I almost got mowed down a few times. Never stand in the way of kids and trick or treating. I am thinking of you Linus, hoping the Great Pumpkin will come.

Today started off lazy. I slept in and missed breakfast. I started to get a little organized, and I will finish tonight.

I left late, and I started off walking in this area, but there really is not much to see. I was called Rasta Man by some guy hanging with his friends. Hmm. Maybe that is is why Ivar mentioned weed. He may have just assumed.

Anyway, off to Venice I went.

Since I started late, I took the water bus to Saint Mark’s instead of walking. I started off walking the long promenade next to St. Mark’s.

I left my backpack today so I decided to go in. Yesterday, I would have had to check my bag in, which seemed like an extra step. This lady yesterday actually tried to put her bag under her sweater, but they were like no. It was not as bad as I remember. It was dark yes but less crowded so I could actually enjoy the church.

I happened upon a mass service so I joined it. I found out later it was a private mass. This group  from the U.S. is on a pilgrimage going from church to church doing mass. I was in the back and some of the group beckoned me forward to do Sacrament so I was invited sort of. The family I talked to was from CT.

It did give me a flashback to taking the Sacrament at St. Peter’s. That place is like Fort Knox. Anyway, the lady in front of me was returning to her seat without chewing. She was stopped and forced to chew and swallow.

I had dinner at a really nice place called Bacaroo Jazz. It had pictures of greats like Billie Holiday, Charlie Parker, and Miles Davis. It was cute and hip.

I will edit when I get back. The post from Venice are especially suspect. Whole paragraphs get erased and the mouse keeps jumping to odd places, which ends up with words not complete.

My final thought is something I keep reminding myself, and it is this. I have nothing to complain about. My life is more than good. It is filled with love, joy, peace, and blessings. Counting and appreciating it is the focus. I have moments where I focus on what I think is missing. Or I want more of what I already have, if that makes sense. I certainly do not need anymore possessions. What I need more are of things that are not tangible and cannot be bought or sold. And it all starts with a spirit of gratitude.

Venezia X 2

Last night, when I turned on the television for some background noise, I was a little surprised to not hear a Slavic language. Then there was this duh moment, you are now in Italy.

The energy and pulse in Italy is certainly different. It is a shame to make a comparison, but I would describe it as an irregular heartbeat that is beating very fast. Less ordered and a little more chaotic and certainly more fast paced. It is neither good or bad, it just is this way for me. I like Italy for visiting, but it is not a place I think I would want to live.

I took the train into Venice this morning, and I was walking so fast. I had to ask myself why I was walking so fast. So I just slowed down.

So I spent the day walking, sitting, writing. Walking sitting, writing. Walking, sitting, writing, and eating.

After hours of writing, I would think I would have had some clear revelation of where and what, but alas, more questions. I think I am okay with that. I do not have to plan out the rest of my life this very moment. It would be nice to have a clue and a plan, but you know how that goes. The story of the best laid plans.

Today, I started at the train station, and I made my way to the Bridge of Sighs then sat in the square to people watch and listen to the music. On the way to the first stop, I  would go down different paths. I would find a nice spot to sit and think. I walked in circles, and I hit some dead ends, but that is part of the journey and it kind of felt like life. There is no straight path. We sometimes end up walking in circles or hitting a dead end, and it is just part of the plan. You could be walking along and want to see what is down this street and then back track because it is not what you had in mind. I wanted to get away from the crowd, and that was sometimes not a good thing.

So this walking is the beginning of my marathon training. I need to start practicing the hills. I was starting to lose weight but the pasta, pizza, gelato, the three sodas I have allowed on this trip, and that Twix I was craving are starting to show.

I need to make it through Thanksgiving and Christmas without too much of a backslide! Resistance is futile so I need to step my game up.

Venice Day 1

I forgot how beautiful and magical Venice is! Wow. Talk about stunning. I love being around water, and I love all the many bridges. This city screams romance!

The hotel I am staying at is actually on the mainland. It is a short, one-stop, ten minute train ride to the city.

After getting here, Tammy and I went to the city by train. We then took a lovely water taxi to St. Mark’s Square. We were looking for Rosanne and Angela, but alas we were not able to find them. Ladies, if you are reading this, we are sorry to have missed you! We were a little late in getting there.

We started off in the square and had a light snack, and we people and pigeon watched for a while. It was a nice day and the sun felt ultra nice. There was a lovely band playing in the background, and of course it would not have been complete without hearing Volare, which represents Italy for me from both trips now.

We then began to walk back toward the train station and made stops along the way to checkout some of the shops. When we got to the Rialto Bridge, I began to remember a little bit. I remember the markets, and I was able to find my old hotel eventually. I also saw the spot I spent time journaling in. It was nice to feel something familiar.

The city is such a maze of going down this street and that street and then using the signage to take you where you need to go. I am sure there are many streets still yet to be discovered.

Oh. I forgot to mention that one thing I loved about being at Lake Bled was the smell of the fireplaces. It just felt cozy, and I could visualize myself sitting next to a fire with some hot chocolate and a nice book.

Tammy and I also have begun planning our next trip. The plan is to meet in May to do Croatia and Albania. I cannot wait!

We had a nice dinner and was able to talk about life and relationships. I am glad to have taken the trip to meet some wonderful women who I hope to keep in touch with! It was sad to say goodbye, at least bye for right now. Tammy, if you are reading this, I appreciate the kindness and openness of your spirit. As Anne of Green Gables would say, you are a kindred spirit! I appreciate your advice and insight, and I know both of our paths in this life will be filled with love, peace, and joy!

I am very thankful for life and the chance to travel. I am thankful for everything happening in its own time. I am thankful for new opportunities and chances to try something new. I am thankful for this unknown future and its possibilities.

Today, I think I will head back to the city. I am also considering going to Verona for the day. We will see how I feel when I reach the train station. It is a 90 minute train ride to there from here.

I do need to find some time to get my thoughts together.