New England Long Weekend

I left Friday to spend a long weekend with my friend Diana Parker and her son Nick.

My flight arrived a little early into Boston, and I was minutes away from catching an earlier bus to Portsmouth, NH, but alas, I had to wait for the next one.

I arrived, and Diana picked me up from the bus depot. We went to her house, and I got settled. After that, we had dinner. Her son and I took their dog for a walk, and then we went to this bar called Stone Church to listen to music.

Saturday, we went to Rye Beach, drove around Portsmouth and New Castle. We went to a really cool museum in Portsmouth called Strawberry Banke Museum. There were people in character, which was actually pretty neat. One of the locations was a bar that George Washington and John Hancock had both been at. It was my first time in New England so it was kind of cool to see things in American history. I love history, and one of these days, I will need to take a trip exploring U.S. history.

After dinner, went on another dog walk, which I ended up doing every evening with Nick. It was nice and the weather was nice. I don’t really like dogs, but it was good having a reason to walk. I should add an evening stroll to my night habits.

Sunday, we went to Massachusetts. We went to Gloucester, which I loved a lot. I felt an immediate kinship to it. I love the working waterfront, and it was certainly that. We also went to Rockport, which was a little more touristy, but still very pretty.

For dinner, we went across the bridge to Kittery, Maine for dinner. One thing that was neat about the NE states was how towns really just glided into each other and how close all the states where. Diana lives on the border of Maine and New Hampshire and still very close to Massachusetts.

I’m looking forward to my next trip there.