Started the day at the Bled Castle. It had a very good view of the city. There was also a nice museum that had some artifacts. The real reason to be up there were the views.

Spent most of the day in Ljubljana, and please do not ask me to say it! It was a nice city. After the city walking tour, which covered quite a bit of my Rick Steves walk, I mainly walked around the river and took in the many bridges. There is a cool one that has dragons on it. There are dragons throughout the city. The town has 27 bridges, which is three more than Paris. It had a feel like Amsterdam. There were some pretty cool antique shops there too.

I thought about walking up to the castle, but I had a flashback to another trip. I did enjoy people watching in the main square. Their market there was also very nice. People were buying the fruits and vegetables that looked quite good. Whenever I travel, I  think I should start using the Market more at home.

There are a lot of German tourist here. Last night, some people were asking me questions in German. The German I learned in high school is gone!

Came back to Bled and walked around the lake again. Very nice. I also went to St. Martin church, and I realized I still have no idea what I want to do with my life. But that is a whole different story.

I am a little pressed for time so this one is short.

Tomorrow, I am off to Venice for three nights.

Lake Bled

I am currently in Slovenia, to be exact Bled.

Slovenia is not a place that was on the list or radar, but here I am.

First of all, this place is very quiet and peaceful. A complete 180 from the busy city life of Zagreb. I have slowed way down.

Sonia and I walked around the lake, which is 3.5 miles. It was a nice walk. The weather up here is much cooler so we are certainly feeling the fall air up here.

My room for the next two nights has a nice view of the lake.

There is a castle on the cliff that I will see tomorrow. And the lake is surrounded by mountains, including the Julian Alps.

After the hike, Sonia and I had dinner at this place that has Indian food along with local fair. The cook was Indian, and we talked a few minutes with him. Sonia is actually from Pakistan, but they were able to communicate together in Punjabi. He seemed happy to see her. I think he was happy to see someone who looked somewhat like him and maybe more importantly someone he could speak his language with.

I understand because I get excited when I see other black women traveling. I always make a point to say or give a nod.