A Change is Going to Come

I am ready for change, and I feel change is going to come.

I am not here to endorse any presidential candidate. People should vote based on their own convictions. However, I would like to briefly speak about Barack Obama and his message of change and hope. I was musing on his popularity when the reason behind it hit me. I am convinced that many Americans are drawn to his message because the message of hope and change speaks to what is in the atmosphere. There is a wind of change blowing.

The feeling of needing change and hope began to stir within me two years ago. I went through a period where I was devoid of hope and faith. Obama basically articulated what I have been feeling for some time. I will go so far as to call him a voice crying in the wilderness speaking to our dry bones. Or is that overkill because, in truth, the hurricane of change is coming from God.

We, the people, have felt hopeless for too long and have felt like we were powerless to make a difference or impact change. We have felt like winter would never lift its hold, but spring has begun to emerge. We are embarking into a season of change.

I can look at my life and see fundamental changes in myself. Fundamentally, there is a change in my relationships (with those closest to me), in my expectations of life and myself, in my reactions toward people, in my approach to life, and in my responsibility to my spiritual and physical health.

Yes, change is going to come. The question is are we willing to sacrifice ourselves for change? The message of hope involves the sacrifice of our time, our love, and our resources. The message of hope involves going back to the fundamentals of our faith and Christian basics. It involves going back to our First Love. The message of hope involves streamlining our over-involved, hectic lives in order to reach the one with the love of Christ.

The change allows the Word to be made flesh and dwell among people.

In the words of Albert Camus, “In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.”