Brugge x2

Today, I slept in. It rained hard this morning, but it has been nice and sunny since I’ve been out with the exception of a small shower. I took a canal cruise which was very nice. I’m glad I did because I noticed some great shots I didn’t notice on land. Brugge has been a good place to come and relax! I’m also a lazy American tourist because I love that everyone speaks English. LOL.

I spent most of the day wandering around. Just tried different back streets to see what I could find.

Returned to Our Lady, which may have overtaken St. Coleman’s as my favorite church. I’m thinking about going there for mass tonight. We will see.

I ate quite a bit today. No dinner as I’m stuffed. I tried Belgium chocolate from two places. Yum! I tried two samples from each place. They were good. The Belgium waffle was good too. I understand that Belgians eat theirs plain, but I had chocolate on mine. Def, not the breakfast waffle I imagined. Finally, did try Belgium fries. Try this at home kids. It’s basically fries with mayonnaise. LOL. The only thing I didn’t try is mussels. They are okay, but I’m not a huge fan, and would rather spend the euros on something else.

Nothing much to report today. Basically have just been wandering around and taking pictures. I’ll head home early and organize and read and hit the sack early.

Tomorrow, I catch the train to Amsterdam. Jury is still out on whether I decide to stop in Brussels. At this point, I’m indifferent!

Hard to believe a week ago I was in Greece. I was either in Mykonos or close to being there. Hard to believe in a week, I’ll be home. Greece seems so far away. Then again, so does home. Time normally goes by so fast, but I’m not sure it has this trip. It’s neither good nor bad. Just interesting.

Okay. I can’t run the spell check on this one. Forgive any misspelling. I’ll correct them later!

I miss you!


I woke up very early Saturday morning, and headed for the airport. I went to bed gang buster early, but couldn’t sleep very well. I was concerned about not waking up. I again had serious thoughts of canceling the rest of the vacation. I have no idea what my dilemma is, but I pressed on, and here I am in Brugge!

I took the train from Amsterdam here. My train was through Antwerp. I decided to walk around the city for a minute so I basically walked around the area surrounding the station. The station itself was very beautiful! Amazing.

Arrived in Brugge and located by bed and breakfast. I rested and got organized, and I then decided to walk around so I would have some idea of where I was going to be going today. I ended up in Market Square and visited the Church of Our Lady. There was a group practicing for the Eucharist service, and I sat and listened. I decided to stay for mass. Then headed home.

I went to bed early and slept 12 hours. Guess I was tired!

Got up and had breakfast and then off.

Today I’ve done quite a lot of walking! I went back to Market Square and back to the Church of our Lady, which I find so peaceful! I was going to climb the steps the Bell Tower, but part of the view is blocked because of work. For 366 steps, I want a full view. LOL. I walked around Burg Square. I visited the Basilica of the Holy Blood. The relic, which is believed to be the Blood of Christ, was available, and people had a chance to touch it and pray. The Groeninge Museum is exhibiting some modern art. I’m not a fan. I went to the Memling Museum, which has some impressive pieces. They also had some displays of the modern art, which again I don’t really like. Case in point the HUGE inflated “balloon” of a naked man. Really? I spent a lot of time in the Minnewater Park. Very beautiful and peaceful. Also visited the Begijnhot, which is where Benedictine nuns live.

It pours rain at intervals and then the sun shines very brightly. It’s actually warm when the sun is out. It makes for a nice, fall day. Now the rain and hail, did I mention it hailed, not so much! Actually with the hail melting, it actually looks like snow.

Tonight, I’m going to reread my guidebook to make sure I didn’t miss anything. I’m indifferent towards the chocolates, fries, and waffles now. We will see how I feel tomorrow. Then it’s do it now or wait for the next trip. LOL.

I’m not sure if I will blog tomorrow. If not, I leave here Tuesday for Amsterdam for four nights.