Ladies Night…Paint Night…Oh What a Night

My quest to fill my home with my own artwork continued with another paint night. I feel like I have done a lot of these this year. I counted my paintings, and I am up to eight. I also have six photos I enlarged over the years. So, I am getting there. LTB the artist :).

Tonight’s Paint Night started with dinner and great conversation. Followed by coffee/tea and dessert and great conversation. Paint night. And then more great conversation. I am blessed to have wonderful people in my life. Thanks, Crystal for always being a non-judgmental ear I can be honest and true to my emotions no matter how crazy and out there they are. Love you dearly.


Coffee/tea, dessert, and conversation are great for the soul!


“Sheets of empty canvas…untouched sheets of clay…were laid spread out before me…”


Ready to work.


Chunny C and Ayrion were also in the house. As was Kimberly W.


The rain!


Crystal in artist mode. My sister is hella gifted. Writer. Singer. Painter/Artist. And a beautiful soul inside and out. Go forth and conquer!


Still not sure how mine ended up so “busty” but I’ll take it. LOL!


Finished works.


Paint Night

My homie, Dreeny Paine, had a paint night for her birthday party. It was fun. I am so going to have a home filled with my own art and photos soon :).

The class was taught by Kay Moynihan of Simply Kay’s – Ladies Paint Night.Look her up if you want to have an event. She also does paint nights in Renton and Tacoma.


With Dreeny Paine!


“Oh yes it’s ladies night
And the feeling’s right
Oh yes it’s ladies night
Oh what a night (oh what a night)”


“Sheets of empty canvas. Untouched sheets of clay…”


LTB the Artist





Painting Class

My March excursion was a painting class. Mine didn’t quite look like the original painting, but it is starting to grow on me.

I need to search Groupon for April.

Empty canvas

Empty canvas

In progress

In progress

Phase 0ne

Phase One

Final product

Final product

Proud artist

Proud artist

Arts N Carafes – Fourth Class

Last night I had another fun night at Arts N Carafes. I enjoyed hanging out, painting, and chatting with Anitra! The owner, Bev, does a great job instructing the class on recreating the painting of the night. It’s something different and fun to do, and you take home something you created and can place on your wall. And it’s very relaxing!

There are four other paintings I want to do. I’m going to run out of wall space soon! I never like my painting as I am doing it. At the end, I like it. The next day I love it.

"Sheets of empty canvas, untouched sheets of clay..."

“Sheets of empty canvas, untouched sheets of clay…”

LTB's Masterpiece in progress

LTB’s Masterpiece in progress

Anitra's Masterpiece in progress

Anitra’s Masterpiece in progress

Anitra: The Artist

Anitra: The Artist

LTB: The Artist

LTB: The Artist

Anitra: The Artist x 2

Anitra: The Artist x 2

LTB: The Final Product

LTB & Anitra: The Finished Projects

LTB & Anitra: The Finished Projects

LTB: The Artist

LTB: The Artist

Arts N Carafes – Night Two

This is from my second class, and I have another class tomorrow.

This is a cherry blossom, but it also looks like a plum tree blossom. We could pick from three background colors. The great thing about the class is that each person’s painting looks different.

Tomorrow’s class is another cherry blossom, but it’s in a more Japanese cherry blossom style. So looking forward to it. And it’s so awesome to look around my home and see paintings I created.

I am creative when it comes to writing and painting is something new to me, but I found it very relaxing.

My friend Crys and I

My friend Crys and I

Hanging on my bedroom wall

Hanging on my bedroom wall